Compiling A Capable Project Team

At Trade Factor Building, we ensure that we have a structured team who will carry out every project seamlessly. Keeping the set of objectives in mind, the team is organised according to the requirements of the project.

Clear roles and responsibilities are given to every team member to ensure proper risk management, which will therefore result in successful completion of the project. Furthermore, every team will be overseen by a project manager, who will guarantee the project is completed within the budget constraints as well as the specified time.

Project Cost Estimating

We work on the process of predicting and calculating the costs required for the completion of a project. This is one of the most important steps in terms of project management as it assists with the planning and execution.

The accuracy in estimating is essential for budgeting, resource allocation and the quality of the project. At Trade Factor Building, we ensure we carry out the primary goal of project management, which is to provide you with a realistic and accurate assessment to deliver a project successfully.

Project Management

Effective project management is essential for achieving successful outcomes. At Trade Factor Building, we employ a systematic approach that involves meticulous planning, organization, execution, and control of activities and resources to attain project objectives.

Every stage is thoughtfully strategised and carried out to maximize its effectiveness. We base our decisions on the project’s unique characteristics and complexity, ensuring a successful delivery that surpasses our clients’ expectations.


At Trade Factor Building the process of construction encompasses site preparation, coordinating labour, materials, equipment and technology to build the desired project.

We aim to deliver functional and safe spaces as we understand that construction plays a vital role in the structural frame of the projects. Our expertise within this field enables us to support your vision and exceed your expectations.

Material Procurement

Trade Factor Building partakes in the process of acquiring the necessary materials, supplies and components required for the project. This will involve many steps, beginning from identification of the materials which are needed, to supplier selection all the way to the documentation records of all purchases made.

We ensure proper procurement to minimise any production delays and also maintain the product quality.

Regular Reporting To All Stakeholders

Our stakeholders play an integral role in the process of project management, which is why we, at Trade Factor Building ensure transparency, manage expectations and align ourselves with the goals of every project.

Our regular reports will keep all stakeholders well-informed and engaged every step of the way to ensure the success of every project.

Project Close Out

The final phase of the project management process. Within this phase we ensure all tasks have been met and the goal of the project has been achieved.

As the project comes to an end, we assure that valuable knowledge has been captured for future opportunities and that it will contribute to the stakeholder’s growth and success.